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Wetbags (Clearance)

Wetbags (Clearance)

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Product Features


Made of washable material that dries quickly for easy maintenance.


Crafted from water-resistant PUL fabric with separated pockets for mess-free storage for clean and wet/dirty items.


Measuring 11"x16", the main pocket holds 6-8 cloth diapers or 10+ disposable diapers and a standard pack of wipes. An extra pocket adds storage, and a hanging strap with snap closure lets you attach it to changing tables, stroller handles, and more. These bags are a multi-use powerhouse of endless possibilities! Use for storing small toys, art supplies, snacks, wet swimsuits, sandly playground shoes and much much more.

Why use wetbags?

A wetbag is a washable and re-usable alternative to a plastic bag. You can store any number of items inside, and easily wash or rinse the bag and hang to dry. These bags feature a unique waterproofing material that allows you to store wet or damp items inside without worrying about dry or clean items becoming soiled. Though typically used for storing dirty diapers, these bags can offer convenient storage items for every day uses. With 2 separated pockets, you can organize all your items with easy access. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and embrace the convenience of our reusable wet bags!

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