About Us

     Hello and welcome to Nerdy Mommas!  My name is Annie and I will be your guide! I started cloth diapering shortly after having my daughter. Plagued with angry rashes and leaking diapers, I slowly began using the more expensive disposable diapers hoping that it would fix our problems. But after trial and error with several more brands, I decided enough was enough! I had heard about cloth diapering from other moms and thought "What the heck. Why not?" So I made my first ever fluff stash purchase of 10 pocket diapers. Cloth diapers and I hit it off instantly. Honeymoon phase from the start! My daughter's rash cleared up and the surprise warm spots from a leaky diaper became a thing of the past. I felt like I had it all figured out.

      But as my daughter grew, her single microfiber insert was not holding up to the floodgates that were her baby bladder. So after a quick assessment, I realized we needed to upgrade our inserts to something more absorbent. When I discovered Bamboo my whole Fluffing life changed. They were thinner than microfiber, much more absorbent, and they were perfectly safe to be touching my baby's skin! As time went on we explored and learned about other styles of diapers and fibers and found out there were so many things to love about all the various different styles.

     So lets fast forward to the night in question: The Birth of Nerdy Mommas! I had been rattling on and on and on and ON to my husband about how I liked this part from this diaper, but not that part, or how I really liked the inserts from this style, but hated the snap settings on it. My list of preferences got longer and longer and longer until he half jokingly said "Well maybe you should just make your own then." And that is JUST what I did! I set to work making lists and drawings of all the things I considered "must-have" features from different diaper styles. After a lot of tweaking and changing I finally was able to make the diaper I was satisfied with. It was fantastic! But then I thought "Why should I be the only person to have such amazing fluff?" So again I went back to the drawing board of scheming and planning. 

     When my husband and I decided to take the leap into the cloth diapering industry, my biggest concerns were cost, value, and likeability. I didn't want to create a diaper that cost $25+ or use microfiber inserts that you may have to replace later when your baby outgrows its absorbency.  I also didn't want to make diapers with the same prints that every other brand was selling. I wanted the full customized experience, but without the hefty price tag. So with that in mind, I sat down and brainstormed what kind of prints we should offer. Animals? Flowers? Boats? Trains? Everything seemed so typical... but then, my dear husband chimed in from his corner of the room "Well you're a Nerdy Mom... why not do something nerdy?" Ah yes, man-that-I-married! I am a Nerdy Mom! Who would have thought that a passing comment would not only set the tone for our business, but also name it?! Talk about multi tasking!!! So with a nerdy direction and my trusty sketch pad, I began the process of designing. With the help of a few other mom artists, we came up with our first set of 11 designs.

     And that, moms and dads, is the story of Nerdy Mommas! We are a small family owned and operated business located on the Treasure Coast of Florida. With a growing natural parenting community behind us, we hope to help advocate for cloth diaper use and help support the families that choose sustainable diapers! This is a new adventure for us, but not one that will end any time soon! We hope to continue bringing you amazing quality, fandom inspired diapers to feed your nerdy fluff addiction. If you don't see something that doesn't fill your cup of Nerd-Tea, stay with us! We are always working towards offering new prints.