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Birth to Potty Training

Our reusable cloth diapers feature an expanded size range, with rise settings for babies 7lbs to 60lbs. This means your cloth diaper journey can start earlier and last longer than with other "one size" fits.


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The Most Popular Cloth Diaper Styles

Explore our complete product lineup for exactly what you need. We offer pockets, covers, and all-in-one diapers; stick to what you love or venture into something new. Not sure where to start? Check out our comprehensive guide to all your cloth diapering essentials

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Merch You'll Love

When your diapering days are over, explore products for any stage of life. Browse our top designs in apparel, home accessories, and more.


Say Hello to the Ultimate Overnight Solution

Night-time leaks got you feeling down? Level up your diapering stash with our premium overnight all-in-one. Designed for heavier wetters, with more absorbency to stand up to the extended wear time of a full nights sleep. Side or tummy sleeper? No problem, with our dual flap insert style, you can customize the absorbing layers for where you need them the most so you and your baby can sleep peacefully without worrying about leaks.

Add a Nerdy Flair to your Wardrobe

Athleisure wear just got a fandom-inspired makeover. These size inclusive leggings will be your new favorite, whether you are hitting the gym or hanging out at home. Experience the comfort of our soft and stretchy peachskin fabric with a supportive tummy control waistband. Did we mention they have...pockets?


Cloth Diaper with Confidence

Not sure where to start? Let's work together! Book a consultation with Nerdy Mommas to find the answers to your questions all in one place. Stop fighting with your wash routine and get real advice from an expert. Take the guesswork out of your wash routine so you can focus on life, the universe, and everything.

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