Diapers and Accessories

  • All-in-One and Pocket style diapers with bamboo cotton inserts.
  • additional inserts
  • dual pocket wetbag
  • fleece-lined changing pad
  • 4"x4" re-usable zippered snack bags
Studio Ghibli inspired diapering accessories. Large Changing pad and dual pocket wetbags are perfect for every Nerdy parents diaper bag.
Regular price $14.99
A Dragon Ball Z inspired changing pad for on-the-go diaper changes. Perfect addition to any nerdy parent diaper bag.
Regular price $14.99
A Doctor Who Cloth diapering collection featuring the circular Gallifreyian for "Cloth diapers are Cool." Perfect for every nerdy mom and dad!
From $12.99
From $12.99
Kingdom Hearts inspired Pocket cloth diaper for your Junior Hero aspiring to be the Keyblade master
From $14.99
From $10.99
Diaper bag accessories inspired by Pokemon. Large fleece-lined changing pad for easy on-the-go diaper changes and a dual pocket wetbag
Regular price $14.99
Harry potter inspired cloth diaper for nerdy parents wanting to save money
Regular price $14.99
Diaper changing accessories inspired by Nerdy Fandoms. Perfect for every nerdy mom and dads diaper bag.
Regular price $19.99
From $10.99
From $10.99
Zipper Snack Bags
From $19.99