One Size Pocket Bundle

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Whats included:

- 3 One Size pocket diapers

- 3 bamboo cotton inserts

- 3 hemp cotton inserts

-1 diaper cream

-1 medium wetbag

-1 large changing blanket

Product Features:


- 4x3 horizontal rise snaps offers four different size settings

- two hip snaps and one leg snap, allows for adjustable fit for legs and waist

- fleece inner lining for superior moisture wicking

- Fits aprox. 6lbs-40lbs

Bamboo Cotton Inserts:

- 4 layers, outer layers of bamboo, two inner layers of cotton/bamboo blend

- Made of plant-based fibers

- Measures 14"x5.5" 

- No microfiber

Hemp Cotton Inserts:

- 45% cotton/55% hemp

- 4 layers 

- Natural fibers

- Super absorbent, perfect for overnight/ extended wear time

- No compression leaks

- Measures 13"x5.5"

Diaper Cream:

- Unscented 

- Zinc free

- Petrolatum free

100mL/ 3.38 FL Oz 

- Will not cause repelling on diaper fibers


-Measuring 11"x16"

- 2 zip closure pockets, main pocket holds 6-8 cloth diapers or 10+ disposable diapers and a standard pack of wipes

- Hanging strap with snap closure 

 Changing Blanket:

- PUL prevents leaks and protects surroundings from moisture, dirt, crumbs, and more.

- Fleece lining quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture, so leaks do not puddle

- Large 30"x30" dimension


All colors and designs are chosen at random and subject to availablility.