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Chibi Cover

Chibi Cover

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Product Features

Easy to clean

-Wipeable interior

- Cross over tabs to keep dirty diapers closed

Leakproof design

-Double leg gussets for the perfect fit around legs to reduce gaps and prevent blowouts

- Stay dry tummy panel to prevent wicking. Perfect for tummy sleepers.

Inclusive Fit

- 3x3 horizontal rise snaps offers three different size settings

- Square stretch tabs for comfortable and secure fit

- Slim fit for the tiniest if babies without excessive bulk

- Fits aprox. 4-15lbs

Customizable absorbency

- Pair with your preferred natural-fibered absorbency choice

- Optional internal snap 

- Use for day or night time diapering

Why choose chibi covers?

A chibi cloth diaper cover is sized smaller to fit newborn babies. A cover can be used for several changes before needing to be laundered, making this system compatible with the frequency of changing that a newborn baby needs. 



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