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All-in-one mystery bundle

All-in-one mystery bundle

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Get ready for an amazing deal with our All-in-one mystery bundle! This exclusive bundle includes three high-quality cloth diapers, 3 hemp inserts, 3 fleece liners, a wetbag, and a cloth diaper safe rash cream. 

Our All-in-one mystery bundle features uniquely designed diaper prints you can not find anywhere else. These AIO diapers are made with two semi-attached inserts for maximum absorbency. With double leg gussets, it offers superior leak protection. No more guessing, all the essentials are included for your convenience. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to all-day comfort.

Please note: The diaper prints in the mystery bundle are chosen at random and are subject to inventory availablility.

Whats Included:

- Three all-in-one diapers, print is chosen at random and is dependent on available inventory

- Three single-layer fleece liners

- Three large 4-layer hemp cotton inserts

- Cloth diaper safe rash cream

Product Features:

All-in-One Cloth Diaper:

- Super absorbent design: This diaper features two 4-layer bamboo/cotton inserts with space for additional absorbeny to be added if needed.

-Customizable: Semi-attached inserts can be folded to create more absorbency layers in the front or back of the diaper, depending on where it is needed most.

- Easy to clean: Flap style inserts are semi-attached, allowing for thorough cleaning and efficient drying time. 

-Leakproof Design: Double outer leg gussets prevent leaks by creating a secure seal around babys legs. Tummy panel in the fornt prevents moisture wicking for tummy sleepers.

-Inclusive Fit: This diaper is designed to fit aproximately 6lbs-40lbs

Fleece Liners:

- Single layer

- Wicks moisture away from skin

- Measures 13"x5.5"

Hemp Cotton Inserts:

- 45% cotton/55% hemp

- 4 layers 

- Natural fibers

- Super absorbent, perfect for overnight/ extended wear time

- No compression leaks

- Measures 13"x5.5"

Diaper Cream:

- Unscented 

- Zinc free

- Petrolatum free

100mL/ 3.38 FL Oz 

- Will not cause repelling on diaper fibers

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