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A very special Thank You to Spilled Milk Love for volunteering as tribute for a cloth diapering experiment! First time Parents Annie and Derek take on the perils of modern cloth diapering!!! Annie even has a great breakdown of disposable versus cloth cost!! Will they achieve their diapering goal? Will they be financially victorious? WILL THEY SAVE THE PRINCESS?!?!?! read all about their Fluff-venture and hear what they had to say about Nerdy Mommas cloth diapering system! Click HERE to read more!

Recebba Gettel is our newest party member! With level 10 Cloth Diaper skills, she is a true expert! Check out her review on our AIO diaper! She has insight on sizing, fit and overall function of the diaper! Her review is so detailed! Read more about all of the amazing features our diapers have!