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All-in-One Diaper

All-in-One Diaper

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These absorbent overnight diapers feature two 4-layer inserts, allowing you to easily add extra absorbency of your choice. Designed for overnight or extended wear, they are perfect for preventing leaks during the night.


Eco-friendly cloth diapers are a game-changer. They are easy to care for, with two semi-attached inserts that wash and dry as quickly as a single insert. No microfiber here, just natural fibers for your baby's sensitive skin. Each 4 layer insert is made of a premium blended of 360GSM cotton/bamboo core with a 320GSM bamboo outer layer.


Say goodbye to blowouts! Designed with double leg gussets for a secure fit and allows for additional absorbency to be added inside the diaper without affecting the fit of the diaper. A stay-dry tummy panel prevents wicking, which is essential for tummy sleepers.


This all-in-one diaper caters to babies from 8 to 40+ lbs with 4x3 horizontal rise snaps. Diaper tabs are square and feature additional cross over snap to securely close soiled diapers.

Why choose All-in-Ones?

An all-in-one diaper requires no assembly or stuffing. The semi-attached inserts allow this diaper to dry quicker than a traditional all-in-one with sewn-in absorbency. This all-in-one offers customizable absorbency for heavier wetters and overnight diapering. 


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