How to wash Cloth Diapers

How to wash Cloth Diapers

How to wash your cloth diapers


Aside from ensuring your washing machine is clean and free of any buildup, your wash routine should be fairly straight forward.
Choose a short cycle with some good agitation for a first wash followed by your longest heaviest cycle for your 2nd wash. Some people use detergent in both of these cycles, and some use it only in their heavy cycle. Either is fine, depending on what gets you good results.
Some people need to add an extra rinse or a short cycle with no detergent to act as a rinse. But that just depends on how your water/washer is.
To decide how much detergent you need, start with a normal amount of detergent in your cycle(s) and follow up with a no detergent cycle and check to see if you have any residue coming out.
If you see no suds/haziness in your rinse, and cloth diaper laundry smells clean this means you're good to go. You won the game and can continue your cloth diapering journey in peace. 
If you see suds or hazy water= you need more rinsing or less detergent 
If you see no suds/haziness, but your diapers do not smell clean= You need more detergent, smaller loads, or to correct your load size to improve agitation. 

         This is the most basic and general wash routine. This is also a great back-to-basics routine if you feel like you've fallen so far down the wash routine rabbit hole that you can't find your way back to reality. 

    If you are currently dealing with issues related to washing cloth diapers, you can troubleshoot your wash routine by clicking HERE

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