The Starter Stash

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Remember when the hardest choice you had to make in life was which starter pokemon to take from Professor Oak? Don't you wish building a cloth diaper stash could be just as easy? Well now it is! 

Finally, an affordable way to start your cloth diaper stash, or to bulk up an existing stash. This bundle comes in 2 style options of OS cover or OS pocket diapers.  

Each bundle includes diapers in your choice of style. Your bundle will include one diaper in each color. Each color represents a starter-type pokemon from the original Pokemon Gameboy series: Water-type, Fire-type, and Electric-type!

Stick with a basic bundle of diapers, or evolve your stash by adding on 3 of our bamboo inserts, made with 4 layers of super absorbing bamboo terrycloth and bamboo cotton. 


Choose from 3 or 6 diapers