Senshi Skies Buckle Carrier

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A Buckle Carrier is a soft structured carrier, which thanks to specially designed buckles and straps system ensures perfect fit for little baby’s body. Manufactured from wrap fabric, and because of that it perfectly moulds around the baby, it is a perfect solution for parents and guardians who doesn’t like to play with the wrap, and so will appreciate the fact that our carrier can be worn and fasten in a very intuitive way. It is very quick and easy to buckle and unbuckle the carrier.Our Ergonomic carrier is also equipped with a handy hood, which helps keep baby’s head in comfortable position during the nap.

LennyGO Buckle Carrier, Baby size- Top Panel width: 29cm, Panel height: 40cm, Bottom Panel width: 35cm

LennyGO Buckle Carrier, Toddler size- Top Panel: 41cm, Panel heights: 48cm, Bottom Panel width: 45cm

LennyUpGrade is an adjustable carrier, which grows with the baby and its shape perfectly fit to body of the baby and parent. A few step adjustment possibility of panel and shoulder straps ensures perfect fit and correct, ergonomic position of the baby. The carrier was designed to meet requirements of parents who are looking for safe, simple and functional solution for carrying the baby close to them. In LennyUpGrade carrier you can carry your baby safely from the second month of life (from weight of 3,5 kg/7.5lbs) till weight of 20 kg/44lbs. You can carry at front your baby from the second month of life and on back children older than four months.