1. Why choose Cloth?

    Using cloth diapers costs less than use of disposable diapers. Even the production of a cloth diaper is less costly and uses less raw materials than disposable diaper manufacturing. Disposable diapers also utilize gels and other materials saturated in chemicals to create their ability to absorb moisture. Using cloth diapers prevents exposure to these chemicals which can cause sensitivities and irritation. These chemicals also greatly slow down the rate at which a disposable diaper breaks down once it is in a landfill. Opting to use cloth diapers can cut the garbage production of a household by 50% during the diapering stages.

2. What is the cost difference between using disposable diapers and using Nerdy Mommas Cloth diapering system?

  Disposable diapers can cost between $800-1,500 per year, depending on the brand you choose and for how long your child is in diapers. A stash of Nerdy Mommas can start at as low as $240, depending on your desired options. These diapers are designed to last your child from birth to potty learning if properly cared for, and can be used again for future children

3. What is the Nerdy Mommas cloth diapering system?

   Our diapering system consists of two diaper styles. We offer an All-in-one (AIO) diaper where all of your needed inserts are already attached to the diaper. We also offer a pocket diaper, which is different only in that you must first place the absorbent insert into the diaper before use, and remove the insert before laundering. Both diapers feature stretch tabs for added comfort and a 4-rise snap setting to ensure a true one size diaper.

4. What is the difference between the pocket diaper and the AIO diaper?

   As mentioned above, the AIO has all the inserts attached to the diaper shell. They also feature double leg gussets to accommodate a variety of leg chunk and the inside of the diaper is lined with a soft suede cloth. The pocket diaper, on the other hand, is made of 2 separate pieces that you must put together. Like a puzzle... every time you stuff a diaper, your exp goes up by 1 point. It's not the quickest way to level up, but it's guaranteed to get you there eventually. The pocket diapers do not have double leg gussets, but they are lined with a pillow-y soft polar fleece. The fleece is used as an alternative for babies that may be sensitive to suede-cloth. That's it. There are no other differences. It comes down to a mater of personal preference.  :D :D

5. How many Diapers do I need to get started?

 The size of your stash depends on how often you wash, how often you change diapers and how many children you are diapering. We recommend having about 20 or more diapers per child if you are washing every 2-3 days. Back when I was a cloth diapering n00b, I had to walk 15 miles up a hill in the snow to hang out my prefolds.... Okay, I'm lying. But, you can always start off small and work your way up. Cloth diapering doesn't have to be a leap, it's also totally cool to do it gradually. 

6. Okay, so..... How do I do the thing?

  Assuming you already have your diapers and your baby, You place the assembled diaper on the baby using the appropriate snap size settings. When it is time to change the diaper, remove the soiled one, clean baby and place a new diaper on the baby. Place your dirty diaper in a wetbag or other designated laundry bag until it is time to wash. 

7. This sounds like a trap... what happens to the poop?

Okay, okay, so there is no denying it. There is poop involved. But we are also talking about diapers, so you should have known what you were getting yourself into. Poop doesn't have to be scary. Poop will not eat you. Also, poop does not go into your washing machine. Unless you are exclusively breastfeeding, you will need to dump the poop before your diaper makes it's way to your laundry pail. There are many ways to deal with poop. Sometimes you get lucky and it will all fall easily into the toilet with little to no effort on your part. Relying on this method usually requires the addition of other methods. Other methods include having a designated scraper or dunking the diaper into a clean toilet and swishing it around to get most of the debris off. You can spray them off into a bucket in the sink and flush the water, you can attach a low-cost spray hose to your toilet and spray diapers directly into the toilet, you can even use disposable liners that catch the poop and you easily flush the poopy liners. The theme we like to stick with is poop goes in toilet. Poop. Toilet. Flush. 

8. How do I wash my diapers?

 Similar to the Pirate's Code, these rules aren't really like rules, they are more like... guidelines. RINSE. WASH. RINSE. RINSE. When it is time to wash your diapers, empty your wetbag into your laundry machine. Make sure all pocket diapers are un-stuffed before placing them into the washer. Begin washing your diapers with a warm quick wash. The purpose of this cycle is to rinse the diapers thoroughly before washing. If you hand rinse your diapers before washing, you may skip this step.. Once this cycle has finished, add the designated amount of detergent to your machine and wash your diapers in hot water using the longest heavy duty setting you have with an added rinse. If you can select spin speed and soil level, these should be set to the highest setting. Your diapers should be clean once it has finished. If you are unable to add a rinse to the main wash, you may have to add a final rinse to your routine, depending on your water type, machine, and choice of detergent. Diapers can be dried in a machine on the lowest heat setting or they can be hung in the sun to dry. The sun is also a great way to remove any stains that may remain on the inside of the diapers. It's also free. ;) 


For machine-specific directions, check out the awesome Washing Machine Index on the Fluff Love University page!


9. How do I prep my diapers?

New diapers should always be  washed with detergent before use. Some diaper manufacturers say you must wash the diaper 3-5 times before the diaper will be absorbent. And while you can totally do this if you'd like, we find that our diapers are soft and absorbent after their first wash! 

10. What type of detergent should I use and how much?

  The detergent you choose should be free of optical brighteners or fabric softeners. Detergents that contain these types of ingredients can cause skin irritation as well as reduce the absorbency of the diaper inserts. The amount of detergent you use will depend on the brand you choose and on your water quality. You should use the recommended amount of detergent for a "heavily soiled" load of laundry. If you have soft water, you may need to use less detergent. If you have hard water you will need to use slightly more detergent. If your water is untreated, you may need to add a water softener to your laundry routine like "Calgon". We do not recommend the use of bleach in your regular diaper wash routine.

Check out this Detergent Index resource from Fluff Love University for suggested detergent/amounts

11. How do I know my diapers are clean?

 Clean diapers don't stink. They don't smell. They don't feel like they have a coating of anything on them. If your diapers have a barn yard smell or they feel like they have some reside left on them, you may need to re-visit your wash routine to trouble shoot. If you have wash routine questions, feel free to e-mail Nerdymommas@gmail.com with the subject line "Wash Routine". Other indications that you may need to re evaluate your washing routine would be sudden rash or skin irritation and/or diaper leaks. 

12. What else does Nerdy Mommas have available?

Currently, we also offer dual zippered wet-bags for easy diaper storage between washing and also for when you are out and about. the two close-able pockets allow you to separate clean and dirty/wet items. The bag is made out of waterproof material so you do not need to worry about leaks. We also have changing pads that make a great addition to any diaper bag. Use it in a shopping cart as a seat cover, use it at the park or in a public restroom to change a diaper. Use it as a sheet saver for night time potty learning. There possibilities with this item are only limited by your dexterity level.


13. How do I stop myself from buying too many diapers?

There is no such thing as "too many diapers" Anybody who tells you otherwise should be cut out of your life, you don't need that kind of negativity.